How can I help with training Inge's AI-based interview program?

We need your help by asking Inge about her story and memories so she can share her interview with others in the future.

Before Inge's interactive interview can function properly, the AI-based programneeds to be trained. It will later ensure the dialog with the interactive interview runs smoothly and the correct corresponding answer is given to every question.

Register via the button below and get access to the beta version. Then ask Inge your questions - the more questions you ask, the more you help to improve the fit between questions and answers. Try it out now.

You will find information about Inge's biography and tips for questions after logging in.

We are also happy to provide access to teachers and multipliers who would like to use the beta version in the classroom or for educational work.

We offer a short training session in advance to get to know the interactive interviews. Contact us at or by telephone on +49 69 1525 -1994 or -1996.

The technical requirements are:

Internet access (ideally a LAN connection with a bandwidth of 300-500 Mbit), a projection area (e.g. a large monitor, a beamer and screen, a whiteboard)


Register or log in here to access the online interview.

Materials for teachers

Supportive teaching materials are available soon.