Just ask! – 4-hour hands-on guided tour. For grades 9 to 13

We will take you on a 4-hour interactive guided tour of the exhibition. You are invited to trace the life stories of Kurt S. Maier and Inge Auerbacher interactively using photos, documents and media stations. You will get to know their families and their original home town of Kippenheim, look on as they are increasingly ostracised and finally deported to the camps at Gurs and Theresienstadt, and find out how they finally escaped into exile in the USA. We would also like to explore the question of what their stories have to do with us today. Afterwards, you can experience Kurt S. Maier's life-size interactive testimony (from October 2023, you will also have access to a preliminary version of the interactive interview with Inge Auerbacher). Use this opportunity to engage in dialogue with them. Don't ask your history book. Ask Kurt and Inge! We would also like to discuss how digital testimonies function as memory media and whether they are a format for the future.

A basic knowledge of National Socialism is required for this format. It was designed for young people in grades 9 and up.