Kurt S. Maier

Kurt S. Maier an seinem Wohnort Washington, D.C., 2022 (Foto: DNB/Theresia Biehl)

Kurt was born in 1930 in Kippenheim. In the autumn of 1940, he and his family were deported to the French camp at Gurs. One year led, he fled to the USA with his family. Kurt was interviewed for our interactive testimony in his home city of Washington, D.C. in July 2021.


4 May 1930: Kurt was born in Kippenheim. He is the second son of Siegfried and Charlotte Maier (née Auerbacher). His older brother is called Heinz.

From 1936: Kurt attends the primary school in Kippenheim.

9/10 November 1938: Pogrom night. Kurt's father and grandfather are imprisoned at Dachau concentration camp. Kurt has to switch schools and goes to the Jewish School in Freiburg.

22 October 1940: The Maier family are deported to the camp at Gurs.

March 1941: Kurt and his family are released from the Gurs camp. They receive emigration documents for the USA, but on the way they are detained at the Sidi El Ayachi camp (Morocco) for several weeks.

26 July 1941: The family boards a ship from Casablanca to New York.

9 August 1941: Arrival in New York.

From Autumn 1941: Kurt goes to school in New York. He later works for the post office.

1947: Kurt is granted American citizenship.

1952─1954: Kurt serves in the army.

From 1957: Kurt studies German literature and history. He completes his doctorate in 1969. Afterwards, he works as a German teacher and begins studying library science.

1967: Kurt marries Margery Teal.

1978─2023: Kurt works as a librarian at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Today: Kurt actively testifies as an eyewitness. He has described his experiences in an autobiography. He has received numerous awards for his dedication.